About the Doctor

Dr. Richard Asturias, D.C. graduated with the distinct honor of being named Valedictorian of his class on the Centennial of Chiropractic (September 18, 1995). He now serves with the same commitment of excellence in his Chiropractic practice.

Mission Statement: To provide the highest quality chiropractic service and education through appropriate, honest, practical and effective treatment. To provide learned healing skills to those in need. To be a reliable resource for the community regarding personal health and well-being.

Dr. Asturias is:

  • a Certified Whiplash Traumatologist. This is a certificate from the Spine Research Institute of San Diego which provides an understanding and methodology for working with auto related injuries.
  • a former Faculty Member of Life Chiropractic College West.
    Dr. Asturias had the privilege of teaching in three separate departments at the college. They were: Research/Philosophy, Clinical Sciences and Adjustive Technique.

Dr. Asturias is also active in several events held in the Pleasanton Area, both as a participant and a volunteer. He has participated in Triathlons (On You Mark Tri-For-Fun series), Various Running events (5K and 10K), Relays Events (The Providian Relay) and since July of 2004, has developed a passion for Road Cycling. Since then he has competed in hundreds of races. Such activities continue to provide valuable insight for treating a variety of athletes.

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